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Wedding Band vs. Wedding DJ: Pro’s and Con’s


When it comes to reception entertainment, the question of band or DJ has always been the main discussion between the bride and the groom. Let’s learn what’s great and what’s not when it comes to having a wedding band and hiring a DJ, all in the name of a good time and a great party.

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Before booking anything or setting a meeting with anyone, there are a few basic things you should first consider when it comes to wedding entertainment.


First, you should take into consideration the amount of space available at the wedding venue you have booked. Check the venue’s own rules when it comes to how many people and equipment can be accommodated, as some event spaces do not allow large speakers indoors and some venues also cannot have amplified music outdoors.

The cost also holds a big factor, especially when DJs are less expensive compared to having a 5-man band. However, more popular DJs could be more costly compared to party bands so it all depends on the last factor - the vibe.

You can easily set the tone and create the mood at your wedding reception just by picking the right music. With the help of a perfectly curated playlist, all the guests will be on their feet and dancing the night away in no time.


Wedding Band or DJ?


Whether you opt for a wedding band or choose a wedding DJ, what’s important is you get to throw an awesome party and that all your guests get to go home with countless fun memories from your unforgettable wedding day.

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