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Top Tips on Creating Your Custom Wedding Invitations


Let’s get started on planning the biggest day of your life and what better way to start than through custom wedding invitations.

Custom Wedding Invitations from Giftware Direct

Give your beloved family and friends a wonderful first peek into the wedding day through wedding invitations. We’ve rounded up these helpful tips and formed a handy guide to aid you in making your custom wedding invitations online through Giftware Direct in Australia.


Start as early as possible.

Since invitations are the first wedding items that need to go out to guests, it is never too early to be starting on customising your invites. The safest margin you have to send those envelopes out are at around 8 to 10 months before the wedding day. Start searching for options and hunting down wedding invitation online in Australia as early as 9 to 11 months before the big day to avoid cramming.

Define your wedding theme and wedding style.

Using a play on colour and design, get to communicate your wedding theme through the invite design. From the perspective of the wedding guest, they should be able to identify your wedding theme and colours right upon seeing the wedding invitation. From playful to formal, once glance at the custom wedding invitation can simply set the tone and give a taste of the wonderful wedding party that is about to happen.


Learn the rules of wording invites.

Armed with the details of the wedding day needed, such as the date and the venues, take a quick scan crash course on wording wedding invites. Appropriately set the tone through the custom wedding invitations’ wording and style and also take note of who is hosting and have the names appear properly at the start of the invite.

Check and double-check before printing.

Before getting your custom invitation to be professionally printed, always check, double-check, and triple check the proof before giving the go signal. It would be best to have the proof checked by a couple of people you highly trust, like the maid of honour or siblings who can spot misspelled names or words which you might have missed out on. 


Save on costs.

Multiple pages, fancy materials, formal printing techniques, and multiple enclosures all sound great but can add up to a hefty price tag for a single wedding invitation. Opt for simpler designs that can still bring in the wow factor without costing an arm and a leg, especially for the postage costs. If you are inviting an entire household, cut costs by sending a single invitation for the entire family if they all collectively live under the same roof.

Match the wedding stationery seamlessly.

Take it up further a notch and get to create your very own wedding stationery as well. It is easier to play with the colours and rearrange the design create matching menu cards and thank you cards for a coherent stationery suite. Even for the smaller details such as wedding favour tags and place cards, you can still use the same colours, the same fonts, and the same approach to tie the entire look of the wedding together.

When it comes to custom wedding invitations in Australia, Giftware Direct offers a full range of personalised invitations and custom wedding stationery that can be easily ordered online. Visit our shop now to get started on designing your gorgeous custom wedding invites today!

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