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Take The Stress Away for 18th Birthday Present Ideas With Giftware Direct


After the stressful year that everybody has had, it is only fitting that each birthday gets to be celebrated to the fullest. For your loved one’s 18th birthday, getting him or her a great 18th birthday present is the best way to take the stress away.

18th Birthday Present Ideas

Here are a couple of our top picks for 18th birthday present ideas taken from Giftware Direct. Read on!


Personalised Jenga Birthday Gift

Celebrate his or her 18th birthday without any stress and tons of fun with the help of this Personalised Jenga Birthday Gift. As a personalised 18th birthday present idea, this game set can be turned into a lovely guest album by letting people write their message for the celebrant in each wooden block. The lid of the case can be personalised with any personal greeting you would like to add or it can also be kept blank to serve as a customisable blackboard signage that the celebrant gets creative with.


Birthday Engraved Beer Mug Glass

Cheers to another year with this Birthday Engraved Beer Mug Glass and let the celebration begin! Get the beer mug engraved with his or her name along with a short greeting or a funny beer pun to help make the occasion more festive and fun. This beer mug gets to be a great drinking for the birthday celebrant all through the night and it can even be turned into a lovely tradition for the yearly celebration.


Engraved 350ml Birthday Wine Glasses

If he or she is more a wine lover, this Engraved 350ml Birthday Wine Glasses is a great way to celebrate the momentous day. Have his or her name engraved onto the glass to make it extraordinarily festive as the celebrant is sure to continue using it even after the birthday party. You can be creative and splurge on a set of 2 matching wine glasses or a set of 4. Help the celebrant get started on having his or her first set of wine glasses at his or her flat or apartment.


Personalised Birthday Wooden Wine Box

Create a lovely birthday hamper with this Personalised Birthday Wooden Wine Box along with the personalised wine glasses, crackers and saltines plus some dried fruits. This personalised wine box can contain a special bottle of wine or a lovely bottle of champagne that is perfect for celebratory toasts. The lid of the wooden wine box can be printed with any message you would want to give the special birthday celebrant or with any heartwarming quote that is meant to be cherished for a lifetime. After the party, the wooden wine box can double as a keeper of the wine glasses or as a box that can keep trinkets and other knick-knacks.


Engraved Photo Frame Birthday Designs with Gift Box

As a picture is worth a thousand words, you can definitely show your love and appreciation through this Engraved Photo Frame Birthday Designs with Gift Box. Get a photo of your favourite memory together featured in this beautiful personalised frame that she or he can display right away in the bedroom, on the work desk, or on the bookshelf. It can be a baby picture back during their first birthday, your last trip together, or you can also leave it blank so he or she gets to fill it with a lovely personal memory they would like to keep.

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