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Superior Ways To Find Unique Credit Card Bottle Openers Online

Credit card bottle openers are a unique gift idea and they make for a great wedding favour as well. Finding unique credit card bottle openers online might be challenging if you do not know where to look. However, Giftware Direct offers a wide range of personalised gift ideas and custom wedding favours that are sure to fit your style and your budget.

Create a unique credit card bottle opener for your dear friend or for your invited guests with the help of Giftware Direct. With a little creativity and a whole lot of inspiration, you can easily design a unique credit card bottle opener without the need of a professional graphic designer and without breaking the bank.

Here are a couple of design tips and creative tricks to help you make your own credit card bottle opener from Giftware Direct.


Use logos and illustrations to create the perfect credit card bottle opener.

When designing a credit card bottle opener for your mates and blokes, it does not stop with the text. You can feature the favourite logo of their fave sports team or even their favourite superhero. If you have a great hand at freehand and illustrations, you can even draw an adorable caricature of them to be engraved onto the credit card bottle opener. They are sure to love the creativity as well as the thoughtfulness placed onto the unique gift you have given. As wedding favours, a cute drawing of a bride and a groom, two grooms, or two brides can transform this into a perfect wedding bomboniere that’s functional and adorable.


The small convenient shape of the credit card bottle opener can work to your advantage in design.

You might think that there isn’t much room to work on the credit card bottle opener, especially when comparing it to a greeting card or a giant message board. But the small size of this handy gift gives you a great advantage in terms of convenience. With a simple addition of an adhesive magnetic strip, you can transform the bottle opener into a fridge magnet. Your blokes are sure to now keep them around the fridge or by the cooler especially since that is where the bottles are kept cool. If you do not mind the extra elbow grease, drill in a small hole at the bottom and transform the bottle opener into a keyring by adding in a ring. Attach the credit card bottle opener to your favourite esky and you have just created the perfect companion for your next beach trip or park picnic with your mates.


Give a different design to each of your mates.

The ultimate unique gift idea you can give can be achieved by simply taking the time to design one for each bloke. You can write their names on each one of the credit card bottle openers or you can also use your favourite nickname for each one, as a playful inside joke that only the two of you could appreciate. Each gift becomes even more special and meaningful knowing that you took your time to create every single design for each of your amazing mates.

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