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Some Interesting Fun Facts Behind Gifting Mini Hip Flasks

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Mini hip flasks have always been a great gift idea no matter what the occasion or event 

may be. It is unique and useful for anyone who would need an adorable keyring but its handy size bears so much meaning as a gift for your friends and loved ones.

Mini Hip Flask

As a gift, mini hip flasks are easy to order through Giftware Direct. You get to personalise it whichever way you would want, be it with a simple logo, a short engraved phrase of greeting, or even with the name of the person you would want to give it to. The small shape of the mini hip flask allows you to be creative in designing it for your loved ones. Also, mini hip flasks are a great addition to a hamper or a set that you are looking to give your best friend, your groomsmen, your invited guests, and even your co-workers.

The useful keyring always surprises everyone who receives it as it is indeed a real mini hip flask that is well-made and durable. The body is made of stainless steel which makes it durable for everyday use as a keyring and strong enough to be engraved with any design you may choose. 

If you are thinking of getting the mini hip flasks as a gift for your loved ones, here are some interesting and fun facts that you should know. Read on!

More than just a simple keychain.

It may seem like a simple keyring, just like any others, but the mini hip flask keyring is a real, functional hip flask in a convenient form. It might be too small to actually hold any drink but if you would prefer to make it heavier then it is possible to be filled with a little cologne or hand sanitiser.


The mini hip flask is a great conversation starter.

Placing the mini hip flask on your backpack or work bag makes it an interesting conversation starter. Once people see it at work or in school, they are sure to point out how adorable the mini size is and how unique the hip flask is as a bag accessory.

Keys are easier to find and harder to lose with mini hip flasks.

It might be heavy for a keyring, especially compared to those with others in the market, but mini hip flasks make it easy for you to locate your keys in your purse or your pocket. Because of its heavy stainless steel body, dropping your keys on the floor would make a sound and you can immediately hear it or feel it as it leaves your pocket. It is the perfect keyring you can give to the elderly since they can immediately identify it and they can also see it in an instant when hanging on the wall or placed on top of a table.

If you are looking for a simple token to gift your friends and loved ones, the Engraved Silver Mini Hip Flask Keyring from Giftware Direct might just be the perfect option. Visit our shop today to check it out and to also browse through hundreds of customisable gift ideas from Giftware Direct!

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