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Personalised Cake Toppers: Unique And Unusual Gift For Cake Lover

Sweet tooth and dessert lovers are always keen on giving delectable delicacies for special occasions and events. When the tables are turned, it is always a great idea to be able to give them a gift that they will surely love.

For cake lovers, personalised cake toppers might just be another great gift idea no matter what the occasion may be. Celebrate them and their big day in a way that they are sure to love with the help of personalised cake toppers from Giftware Direct.

Personalised Cake Toppers

It may sound unusual but personalised cake toppers are a great way to celebrate your loved ones especially if they love cakes and sweet masterpieces. The best way to get a gift that they are sure to remember and to love is to have a cake or a dessert piece that truly represents them well.

From doughnut towers, homemade pies, and even cupcake displays, personalised cake toppers are the best way for you to top off an incredible day while also celebrating the person’s uniqueness and sweetness.

Here are a couple of personalised cake towers from Giftware Direct that may be perfect for the occasion you are celebrating or the party you are throwing, read on!


Happy Birthday Cherry Timber Personalised Cake Topper

A happy birthday deserves a happy treat and this birthday topper is easy to personalise and easy to merge into any design of birthday cakes. Have the name of the celebrant engraved onto the banner-like design so they instantly see the festive feel at a single glance. Just by putting their name onto the personalised wooden cake topper, they can store the cake topper after the celebration and reuse it again for the next year. Such a great idea!


Love Is Sweet Acrylic Cake Topper

It could be a cake for an intimate wedding, a surprise engagement party, or even just celebrating the proposal of your closest mates, this love is sweet acrylic cake topper can be used in a wide variety of occasions and events. You can even use it to top any kind of dessert you would want, from pies, brownie towers, macarons, and even ice cream cake creations.


Large Initial Monogram Wooden Cake Topper

For formal events and for business gatherings, a large initial cake topper might just be enough to top off the celebration. A single letter can be powerful in the sense that it can stand for the company name or for the initial of your colleague or superior in the workplace. Just place the large initial monogram wooden cake topper on top of a cake and you are good to go.


Anniversary Acrylic Cake Topper Elegant Style

Instead of featuring the celebrant’s name, you can let the years do all the talking with the help of this anniversary acrylic cake topper from Giftware Direct. Use a single letter taken from the family name or the first name of the celebrant. Place this elegantly styled cake topper on top of a cupcake tower or a simple cake to celebrate a special day and you are good to go.

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