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Listing Top 3 Designs Of Ring Boxes For Your Wedding

Get to pick the perfect design for your wedding ring box with the help of Giftware Direct. With a little creativity and a lot of love, you get to create a lovely wedding ring box to house the precious wedding bands.


The couple’s initials. For a simple and chic design for the wedding ring box, opt for featuring the couple’s initials along with the wedding date. This is a smart choice for couples with long names or for those who would like a more elegant and sophisticated approach in creating their personalised wedding ring box. For an even simpler design, you can even go with a single initial to stand for the new family name of the couple. It makes for a timeless wedding ring box that can be passed on to the next generation as well.


The new Mr & Mrs. Feature the couple’s new title as the Mr and Mrs through a lovely design on the wedding ring box. Whether it be Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, or even Mrs & Mrs, you can easily display your names as a way to celebrate the new union and the exciting new chapter in your life. With a simple title and the wedding date, you can even add in a short line at the bottom as a message for your beloved spouse.


Anything you would love to see every single day. The beauty of creating your very own personalised wedding ring box is that you get to choose the best design that suits you and your style. You can write a short line from your favourite book or maybe choose a stanza out of a touching poem you both love. There is enough space for any design you choose and Giftware Direct can help you create the perfect wedding ring box without the worry and the fuss.

With all these options, you can create multiple designs and have multiple wedding ring boxes for your home. You can place one by the kitchen sink, one for the garage by the tools, and even one by the vanity dresser, just in case you wish to take it off right before taking a long bath or when doing your skin care routine. These wedding ring boxes are a unique and easy way to keep the wedding rings, plus the engagement ring, safe and sound whenever you take them off.

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