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Keeping Your Wedding Morning Calm With These Tips for the Bride


With the tremendous build-up of anticipation and excitement for the most awaited wedding, the morning of the big day is in itself a big deal. As the bride wakes up and gets ready for the gid day ahead, we have prepared a quick list to help in creating a calm and relaxing wedding morning to banish the jitters and make the experience an enjoyable one.

Get enough rest the night before.

The best way to start the big day is to get ahead the night before. Make sure to get a full night’s sleep so you can wake up fresh and ready to face the world. The nerves might kick in so better enlist the help of sleep-inducing tea, a warm glass of milk, or a single glass of wine to ease you into sleeping early.


Don’t skip breakfast.

It might be busy and it might be nerve-racking, but the bride must eat on the morning of the wedding. With so many things in store for you throughout the day and with a tight schedule to be followed, getting a hearty breakfast is a must. Order breakfast the night before so you don’t forget and opt for a filling meal such as healthy oats with fruits or pancakes with citrus jam. If you and your bride tribe are to have brunch together during the preps, order for everyone and don’t forget the mimosas!

Lay everything out early on.

The dress, shoes, veil, and even the lace garter - lay it all out or hang it by the door so you can check and double-check if you have everything you’ll be needing. Remove tags and labels, especially those placed on the soles of the bridal shoes. Having all these items on the bed or at a common area in the bridal suite can make it easier for the photo and video crew to shoot the details without bothering the bride. If you have forgotten an item, you still have time to ask for your sister or your bridesmaid to quickly pick it up from your place or from the store on the way to the venue as well.

Set the mood with tunes and scents.

Create a calming atmosphere through a great playlist plus a couple of sweet-smelling scented candles or sprays. Get the right mix of energising beats and mellow tunes to gently ease into the day’s ecstatic vibe while still keeping the ambience cool and calm. Throw in a couple of anthems that the gals will appreciate, for old time’s sake.


Give out the bridesmaid’s gifts early on.

Choose to give out your gifts for your bridesmaids early in the morning, while you all are still in your robes or right before wrapping up with your group brunch. Handing out the bridesmaids’ gifts is a great moment to bond with the girls before everything becomes hectic and no eye make up will be ruined in case of any waterworks, both for the bride and the girls as well. If you all get too emotional, you’ll still have time to calm down and regroup so you all won’t look too puffy or flustered as you walk down the aisle.

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