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How to Ask for Cash Instead of Wedding Gifts Without It Being Awkward

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With all other aspects of the modern wedding getting upgraded, the wedding gifts have evolved from the basic household items to the ever flexible cash. Asking for cash instead of the traditional gift-wrapped wedding is indeed not as easy as asking the guests to wear a specific colour to the party or to go for beach-themed outfits.


The Traditional Way of Giving Wedding Gifts

The soon-to-be bride and groom traditionally set up a wedding registry for their family and close friends to conveniently pick out gifts to celebrate the new union. Big department stores have made it easier for both the couples and the guests to get the perfect wedding gift, offering a wide array of gift items that newlyweds need for their new home and giving affordable options to suit the wedding guests’ budget as well. To top it all off, free gift wrapping services and scheduled delivery takes it to a different level of convenience since no one needs to lug around a giant microwave to the grand ballroom while in high heels.

Online purchases have further turned the gift registry into an even quicker process through online gift registries that can include items from several stores and shops. Guests also don’t have to go to the brick-and-mortar shops as they can simply pick a gift from the online registry and pay for it directly online as well.


The Modern Style Wedding Gifting

However, today’s couples already have two coffee makers and they don’t need new salad bowls or vases. What newlyweds now have included in their online registry is the gift of experience, such as the dream honeymoon trip to Africa or the cross-country road trip on the couple’s bucket list. Cash is becoming a popular option for the bride and groom as it is flexible and highly useful compared to getting another serving tray or a fancy set of sheets. 

Tips on How to Politely Ask for Cash Instead of Wedding Gifts

If you and your soon-to-be spouse are also opting for cash gifts rather than the traditional wedding gifts, here are a couple of tips from your friends here at Giftware Direct.

1. Don’t ask for cash on your wedding invitation.

Yes, the wedding invitation should contain all important details of the big day, such as the venue, time, and dress code. But one thing that should not be seen on the invite is your request for cash. Etiquette dictates that the couple’s gift registry details can be added to the wedding website or passed along through word of mouth, it is never to be printed onto the invites. In the same case, request for monetary gifts written on the wedding invite is a big no-no.

2. Utilise an online cash registry site.

If there are gift registry websites, there are also cash registry websites which can make the task a little less awkward for both the newlyweds and the guests. New-age gift registries include far more than the regular picnic sets and serving trays as the wedding guests can choose to gift to a greater cause or a bigger present, such as the honeymoon fund or a downpayment for a new house. Guests can pitch in to get you upgrades on your honeymoon flight or to jumpstart your backyard garden.

3. Give a specific reason on how the cash contributed will be used.

To give a deeper meaning to the fund you are raising, let the guests know what home improvement project you are planning to do or tell them a story of why you both picked that specific honeymoon destination. Put a more personal touch to the cash gift so guests can feel more connected to you and your new life as a married couple even if they simply send a check or transfer an amount instead of sending a gift.

4. Spread the word discreetly.

Let your family know that you are preferring to get cash instead of the traditional wedding gifts. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids can understand and they can help put the word out, especially during the bridal shower or the reception dinner. Encourage the bridal party to tactfully spread the message for you and your soon-to-be spouse so they, in turn, can suggest for more people to contribute to your honeymoon fund.

5. Prepare a card box for the wedding reception.

Have a safe place where guests can drop in their wedding cards and cash (or cheque!) gifts as they arrive at the reception venue. Have a set of blank envelopes also prepared in case any guest would need one to drop their gift of love for you and your new spouse. Assign a bridesmaid or a family member to keep an eye on the box so the money doesn’t get lost easily as everybody is partying the night away.

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