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How to Add a Pop of Colour on Your Wedding Day


Celebrate the vibrant love and electrifying romance on your most awaited wedding day with pops of colour scattered throughout the wedding venues and festivities. Don’t hesitate to go wild and add in fun and lively shades to make your wedding day eye-catching and heart-warming at the same time.

Read more to find out how you can include more bright colours and boost the fun on all elements of the wedding day through these handy tips from Giftware Direct.


The Bride.

Add in fresh flowers in bold colours to the bride’s gorgeous locks to get a really great pop of vibrance, even with her back turned to the guests during the ceremony. Using a strong lip colour should also do the trick for the reception, perfect for the evening's lively festivities and merry-making.


The Groom.

If he wants to join in on all the fun, there are several subtle ways on how the groom can incorporate colours in his wedding day outfit. The bowtie or necktie is the easiest option as it is an instant burst of colour that can be worn from the ceremony until the garter toss. Go wild with a vibrant pop of red or yellow, or even go crazy with a polka dot print that is sure to capture everyone’s eyes.


The Ceremony.

Truly celebrate getting married with a bang through colourful confetti, which can turn any cheer into a fantastic celebratory moment. An eco-friendly option is to opt for flower petals in contrasting hues of red and orange to still get that amazing picture-perfect moment.


The Bridal Car.

Say goodbye to the traditional monochromatic wedding cars and pick a ride that perfectly suits your vibe. Arrive in style on a colourful car and get to have a strikingly bright car compliment the bride’s white dress and the groom’s dark suit for the wedding portraits.


The Wedding Cake.

Pick colourful accent pieces to give the layers a true pop of fun and sweetness. If you are still going for the classic, timeless all-white tiered wedding cake, get to still have a pop of colour through the wedding cake topper

Check out our Personalised Joint Names Acrylic Cut Out Cake Topper which comes in different vibrant colours to better suit your theme and your wedding colour scheme.


The Wedding Favours.

Let the guests bring home a colourful reminder from your joyful wedding day. Be it rainbow-coloured lollies or vibrantly flavoured gummies as wedding favours, your guests will absolutely love a sweet snack that matches the sweetness of an unforgettable day.

See our Glass Lolly Jar with Wooden Gift Tag that is perfect as a container for these adorable little treats as you conveniently hand them out as favours.


The Table Decor.

No need to go all out with over-the-top centrepieces and dramatic hanging chandeliers that will only cost you a fortune. Opt for small, simple, and affordable wedding table decorations that still get the job done. 

This durable Acrylic Wedding Table Number comes in different colours and each one of them is sure to make any table setting fun and vibrant.

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