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Finding The Perfect Personalised Wedding Ring Box for Your Wedding Vow Renewal


Unforgettable and heartwarming, these words describe the wedding day as a truly spectacular event in a couple’s life. After several years of happily being together, married couples long to celebrate their love and devotion to each other in the form of wedding vow renewals. Find the perfect wedding gift in the form of a personalised wedding ring box that is meant to last forever, just like the renewed vows.

Wedding vow renewals are the ultimate celebration of love and marriage, as married couples long to renew their wedding vows with families and friends present. It isn’t a necessity for each couple, but getting a re-do of lifelong promises is a great way to honour their cherished union and to make the vows more suitable for their present life.


Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas

When it comes to wedding vow renewals, you don’t need to splurge just like the first wedding you had years ago. No need for fancy wedding stationery, no required elaborate wedding decorations, and even the invited guests don’t really have to dress up for a formal event. Since it is the second time around, you get to decide what works for you and your spouse. 

With all the busy day-to-day responsibilities around the house, with the kids, and at work, it is completely understandable if you and your spouse would prefer a relaxed, intimate wedding vow renewal celebration that isn’t as meticulous to plan as the first one. Here are a couple of our suggestions when it comes to wedding vow renewal ideas that are easy, laid-back, and absolutely fun to plan.

  • RE-CREATE A WEDDING DAY PORTRAIT. If you are planning to have the exact same venues from the first wedding day, get to replace that favourite snap of yours from the big day with an updated version. Add in the kids beside you so the photo truly mirrors your loving family life in the present. Repeat the same pose, the same smiles, and the same vibe, but with a lot more love. 

  • SHARE THE LOVE THAT RUNS THROUGH THE GENERATIONS. Feature wedding portraits of the different generations of love and devotion from both sides of the family. Celebrate love throughout the years as well in your own marriage, with a simple photo gallery of your milestones as a couple and your family memorable moments as well.

  • REVIEW AND REWRITE THE WEDDING VOWS LIVE. Right beforethe ceremony starts, show the highlight reel from the first wedding day to give your family and friends an instant #throwback of what happened on that glorious day. As you go on with the renewal ceremony, why not also have a quick clip of the first vows you have exchanged right before you declare the new ones? Make sure to prepare some hankies and tissues though because this part is sure to be a tear-jerker.

  • EVERYBODY GETS TO HAVE A PART. Now that you have been married for years, the children have played an important role in the family and it may be fitting for them to join in on the vows. Right after you and your spouse have said your new vows, let the kids have their own promises for the family. This way, they get to be a part of this wedding day even if they weren’t around for the first one.

With the wedding vow ceremony part all planned out, it is common for the couples to have their original wedding bands renewed as well. Some have their rings redesigned, polished, or engraved, while some couples simply get new wedding rings because the older ones might not fit comfortably anymore.


Personalised to match the renewed vows you have just celebrated, this custom wedding ring box can be used not only on the wedding day itself but as a handy holder for the rings at home.

The perfect personalised wedding ring box might come in handy as a special container for your brand new wedding rings. Personalised to match the renewed vows you have just celebrated, this custom wedding ring box can be used not only on the wedding day itself but as a handy holder for the rings at home. On the lid, you get to have your names professionally printed and you can add in both wedding dates, too. With its gorgeous bamboo wooden grain, no one will ever misplace a wedding band again as its lid has a magnetic closure that easily opens with one twist.

As a Giftware Direct exclusive product, this personalised wedding ring box serves as the perfect keepsake from the wedding vow renewal to be as memorable as the first wedding day.

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