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Father’s Day Gift Guide for First-Time Dads

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The first Father’s Day celebration is a milestone for expecting dads and brand new fathers. It is a momentous day as they get to be celebrated and appreciated as a dad and it marks the first of many Father’s Day memories with year passing year. Get your beloved first-time dad a truly unforgettable personalised gift to honour him and his awesomeness. 

For first-time dads, being called father is a magical feeling. No matter how many sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and loud cries in the middle of the night, being a father is a rewarding experience that brings them joy, happiness, and satisfaction.

Father’s Day is the single day in the entire year devoted to celebrating dads everywhere and their undying love for their families. As first-time dads get to observe the special day for the first time, it is only fitting to give these brand new fathers a perfect personalised Father’s Day gift they won’t forget. 

Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Give first-time dads the best personalised gifts from Giftware Direct to make him feel loved and appreciated during his first-ever Father’s Day celebration. With personalised gift ideas at affordable prices, dad will be thrilled to have something to remember the special day by. As the years go by, he’ll be looking forward to even more unforgettable Father’s Day celebrations with the family. 

Here are a couple of our recommended Father’s Day gift ideas perfect for first-time dads and expectant fathers:


Personalised Stainless Steel Father’s Day Travel Mug

An upgrade from the classic Father’s Day mug, this stainless steel personalised travel mug is the perfect companion for brand new dads who spend sleepless nights changing diapers and looking after the little one. It is easily personalised with a wide variety of designs to choose from and it is made of high-quality materials to keep dad’s coffee or tea warm and cozy.


Engraved Bamboo Power Bank Portable Charger Father’s Day Gift

Make it easy for dad to stay online by getting him this engraved bamboo power bank portable charger as an excellent Father’s Day gift. With a 4000mAh capacity, this portable power bank comes in a convenient carrying pouch and a micro USB cable. Great for dads who love to spend time outdoors and practical for father’s who can’t seem to have enough chargers for all his gadgets and devices.


Personalised Printed Bluetooth Speaker Father’s Day Gift

Help dad in his baby duties by giving him this cool personalised Bluetooth speaker for Father’s Day. He’ll love how handy it is to carry around in the garage or when he works at the backyard. He can also use it to soothe and put the baby to sleep, but of course, dad’s awesome singing voice is still the best option for that task.


Wireless Phone Charging Computer Mouse Mat Personalised Father’s Day Gift

Handy to have for busy dads, this personalised computer mouse mat doubles as a wireless phone charger. No need to rush for cords and chargers when rocking baby to sleep as the mat is compatible with most smartphones offering wireless charging capability. Great to bring to the office as well so dad won’t have to carry around a separate set of charges and wires back and forth anymore.


Engraved Stainless Steel Stubby Holder with Insulation Father’s Day Gift

After a long day at work or a weekend of looking after the baby, have dad kick back and relax with a bottle of beer in this awesome engraved stainless steel stubby holder. Keep his beer cold while he watches the TV or works in assembling the baby’s crib as the insulated stubby holder keeps his hands dry and warm.


Personalised Wooden Desk Photo Frame Engraved Father’s Day Gift

Give dad the best give he’ll ever get as a new father with this personalised wooden desk photo frame. Place a snapshot of him holding his beloved son or daughter or even display a printed copy of the ultrasound as an adorable reminder of the new family member.

For all expecting dads, first-time fathers, and new pops get to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day with a bang with any of these personalised gifts for dad. Mark this momentous occasion as he celebrates his first Father’s Day with great affordable gifts which can help him look forward to more Father’s Day memories in the years to come.

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