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Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide 2019

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With over a million dads in the world, your father will always hold a special place in your family’s heart. For this year’s Father’s Day, why not give him the perfect Father’s Day present that matches his unique hobbies and his one-of-a-kind personality. See our latest collection of personalised gifts for dad that will make him feel like he is the best dad in the world indeed.

Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As the special day for dads, Father’s Day is the only time in the entire day that we all give tribute to the hardworking fathers and loving dads all over Australia. As September 1 nears, you might be a bit confused as to what to get your awesome pop to make it even bigger and better this year. 

With personalised gift ideas, you can never go wrong. Father’s Day personalised presents are great for dads who love practical, usable presents in their daily lives and activities. With Giftware Direct’s affordable gift ideas, you are sure to find the perfect personalised gift for Father’s day to make dad feel extraordinarily special on his memorable day.

To help make the task easier for you, we have listed below the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for each kind of dad out there. From their hobbies to their passions, dads will deeply feel your love and appreciation for them with any of these unique and affordable Father’s Day gifts. Read on and find out which one should we make and wrap for your awesome dad!



Father’s Day Engraved Beer Lover’s Stainless Steel Gift Pack

He knows his IPAs and enjoys a good lager to cap a long day. This personalised Father’s Day beer lover gift pack is meant for dads who always kick back with a bottle of their favourite beer each weekend. It comes with a laser engraved stainless steel beer tankard, a matching stainless steel stubby holder, and a fancy stainless steel bottle opener to complete the set. It comes in a sleek solid matte box with a fully padded interior to keep everything safe and organised. With everything he needs inside this stylish gift box, dad will be drinking to you and saying his cheers to this unique and meaningful Father’s Day gift.



Dad’s Man Cave Printed Timber Sign

As he spends so much time inside the garage or in his beloved workshop, this professionally printed wooden sign can make his man cave extra special. As he works away in his latest DIY project, this personalised wooden sign will always remind him of you and your love for the best dad in the whole world.



Father’s Day Engraved Thermal Coffee Travel Mug

He is always on-the-go, be it for work or leisure, along with mum and their closest friends. This personalised engraved thermal coffee travel mug can keep him warm during cold flights and it can also safely hold his drink during long road trips around the coast. Highly customisable and easy to order, this travel mug is professionally engraved with any design you may choose or with a short heartfelt message from you. With a handy Father’s Day such as this mug, dad can carry it with him wherever he may take his next holiday.



Father’s Day Engraved Portable Bamboo Power Bank

He is always the first one to like, share, and comment on your posts and you can bet that his chat status always says “online” all day. For a father that is always online and is always on his phone, this engraved wooden power bank is the only gift that will be perfect for him and his love of the interwebs. Professionally engraved with his name and a special message from you, he’ll love how sleek and portable this power bank is as it comes with a convenient carrying case and a USB cord as well.



Deluxe Carbon Fibre Father’s Day Engraved Pen

Like a well-deserved prize, this deluxe carbon fibre engraved pen is great for fathers who work at the desks all day, every day. He’ll greatly appreciate this handy pen especially since it comes professionally engraved with his name to make it extra special and unique. With a simple, practical gift such as this, you get to motivate dad to work harder and better knowing that his family appreciates all the hard work that he has done for his loved ones.



Personalised Father’s Day BBQ Utensil Set

As the main man of backyard BBQ and picnic parties, the master griller deserves nothing but the best when it comes to his tools. This personalised BBQ utensil set is made of high-quality materials and it comes in a sleek durable case with an engraved metal plaque on top. He can gladly carry this BBQ set in every party and outing he’ll have with the rest of the family and with his closest mates.



Personalised Father’s Day Hip Flask Gift Set

This great Father’s Day gift box comes with a stainless steel hip flask, a set of four stainless steel shotties, plus a matching stainless steel funnel. Professionally engraved with your personalised message or design, the high-quality hip flask comes in other colours as well to match dad’s exquisite taste. Just as he loves his whiskey and bourbon, he will surely love this personalised Father’s Day gift idea that he can proudly display beside his prized collection bottles and glasses.



Engraved Father’s Day 13-Function Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Army Knife

He took you out for your first camping trip and he still invites you to join him for a weekend trip in his caravan up to this day. This personalised stainless steel multi-tool army knife is the perfect gift for dads who love the beautiful outdoors and the bliss of Mother Nature. Have the army knife engraved with his name and your special message to make it more unique and meaningful. It comes with a black handy carry pouch and everything is wrapped inside a fancy gift box.



Personalised Father’s Day Wooden Desk Photo Sign

He has done it all and he has got it all, what more could you give to a great dad who has everything he needs and wants? This personalised wooden desk photo sign can hold his dearest and most prized possession, which is your favourite photo together. It could be a snapshot during your wedding day, your baby photo when he first brought you home, or his portrait as he carries his first grandchild. Any photo can be professionally printed on to the wooden sign and you can add a custom message for your lovable dad at the bottom of the photo as well.

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