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8 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding


Whether it is a tropical wedding weekend or a stylish urban getaway in the metropolis, planning your destination wedding can be a daunting task for any bride-to-be. However, with these handy tips from Giftware Direct, we aim to help you and your soon-to-be spouse plan your dream destination wedding minus the stress and extra expenses.

Wedding Destination Planning Tips


Have an initial trip.

If possible, visit the wedding venue ahead of time to get a real feel of the location, the ambience, and the actual trip guests would have to take to get there. Even if you and your fiance have been there a dozen times, it works better to have a preliminary trip to the location with the wedding in mind. Book to see several locations within the area to make the trip more productive and save time by researching specific spaces that suit your wedding theme and budget.

Be early in sending out save-the-dates and invitations.

The farther the location, the earlier you should send out the wedding stationery to give the guests enough time to properly get time off work, book flights and accommodations, and arrange any necessary travel plans. At the same time, you also get to know early on who will be able to make the trip and who cannot. If any of the wedding details aren’t sure yet, simply send out a save-the-date and set up a wedding website which you can update easily as the information becomes available. 

Include suggestions when it comes to accommodations and flights.

Regardless if you are covering the expenses for accommodations or not, give out hotel options and accommodation suggestions to your wedding guests which are close to the chosen venues. Make sure to include options with different price points and also look for cafes, restaurants, and attractions nearby which can make their stay more enjoyable and convenient. Suggest possible flights and route options as well so they can easily plan their trips and travel itineraries. 

Go local.

Save big time on logistics and shipping costs by getting to use what is locally available and what is in season during the wedding. Incorporating local culture and fresh local produce into your wedding details can help you cut your budget and it also adds a special flavour to your special day. Guests will love sampling on the specialty products of the locality and you get a great bargain opting for readily available flowers compared to having blooms shipped in.

Hire a planner.

Planning from across the seas can be difficult and nerve-wracking, it is possible to do it all on your own but the stress levels can turn any bride into a bridezilla. Getting a wedding planner that is experienced in destination weddings or a local event manager at the wedding location would be the better option. Whether you get a coordinator for the entire wedding planning process or only for the day of the wedding, having someone you can count on to arrange details and coordinate vendors is priceless when it comes to overseas weddings. Plus, they can provide you will valuable information regarding the legal side of weddings in a specific country. 


Dress for the occasion and the weather.

Keep in mind the wedding theme and the location when planning for your gorgeous bridal dress and the groom’s suit. Thick material and heavy fabric might not look great against a beach backdrop for the ceremony so be sensible when picking your wedding dress. Have the groom and the groomsmen also pick a lighter coat for a summer wedding or let go of the 3-piece ensemble all together for a more casual forest-theme

Always hand-carry your wedding dress.

Don’t take any chances and don’t believe anybody when they say otherwise, brides should always hand-carry their dress. Even if you lost your luggage or get a couple of the wedding decorations damaged, the wedding dress is best kept safe and sound when it is within your reach. Some brides even buy an extra seat for their precious bridal gown or you can also ask for assistance from the flight attendants to have the dress hung onboard, either at by the pram aisle or at a closet at the front of the plane.

Keep it simple.

With destination weddings, you don’t have to go overboard with hanging decorations and towering centrepieces. Let the beautiful location and the natural ambience take the centre stage to maximise the venue’s charm. Go for breathtaking shores and overlooking views as the main backdrop of the wedding day and get to save big time when it comes to wedding decorations, setting up, and clean up.

Pick small unique wedding favours.

If you are thinking of having the wedding favours shipped or checked in along with your luggage, opt for small-sized bombonieres that are unique and affordable. Here are a couple of handy personalised wedding favour suggestions from Giftware Direct:


Engraved Metal Bottle Opener Keyring

As one of the most popular favours in our store, this engraved metal bottle opener keyring comes in 6 different colours that can suit any wedding theme.


Engraved Wooden Round Coaster

Professionally engraved and made of thick timber, this engraved wooden round coaster is perfect for tropical getaways and beach weddings. Get to personalise the wooden coaster with adorable designs and the details of your special wedding day as well.


Engraved Timber Heart Keyring Wedding Favours

Surprise your wedding guests with this lovely wedding favour made of high-quality timber in an adorable heart shape. It is the perfect reminder of your momentous destination wedding that they can use daily even when they get home.

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