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7 Things To Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Supplier

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The stress of planning an unforgettable event, topped with the responsibility of finding suitable wedding suppliers to partner with can try the patience of saints.

We have comprised a list to help you choose a wedding supplier who will help you turn your wedding into a memorable affair:

7 Things to Consider

Sydney Harbour

1. Choose a wedding supplier based in Australia

Narrowing down your choices to wedding suppliers from Australia will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The geographical proximity of the vendor ensures that the turnaround time for your request is the shortest possible. Partnering with an overseas vendor will force you to account for the added shipping time and also the extra costs you will have to bear as shipping and freight charges. And there is nothing worse than finally receiving your package only to realise that the entire contents have been damaged during the long and strenuous delivery.


2. Choose a wedding supplier who manufactures in house

Quite a few wedding suppliers operate on the outsourcing model.

They will receive and order from you, then find a production unit that can deliver your requirement, purchase the goods from them and deliver it back to you. This process not only increases the time taken to fulfill your requirement, but also adds to the cost of the desired product.

Giftware Direct, based in Newcastle, NSW, employs its own team of skilled staff, who specialise in customising your gifts to the highest possible quality with a personalised touch. State of the art machinery and technology in house ensures the best possible result.

Customer Reviews

3. Choose a supplier with verified client reviews

Run the name of the wedding supplier of your choice through a reliable review forum.

A verified review system like Yotpo will help you get a fair idea of the performance of the supplier. Browse through more than one review sites if necessary. It always helps to know what other clients are saying.

Also remember that there is no smoke without fire. If there are clients who have had unhappy prior experiences with a particular supplier, it is safe to give them the benefit of doubt. You do not want to risk an event as important as a wedding.

Wedding Supplier Portfolio

4. Choose a wedding supplier with a varied portfolio

It can be quite vexing to have to deal with multiple vendors, for every big and small thing required for the wedding.

Choosing a wedding supplier with a wide range of products on offer will save you the trouble of having to go to a new vendor for every requirement. Choose a vendor who can be a one stop shop for your wedding gifts. A vendor who is unique, easy and affordable is the perfect choice.

Wedding Supplies Collage

Wooden Coasters

5. Choose a supplier who is aware of what is trending

It is extremely difficult to keep track of what is in vogue and what is outdated.

A good wedding supplier will be well stocked on the products that are trending and will have excellent ideas to help you enrich your wedding experience. You can also browse through popular websites to get a fair sense of the current trends and cross check availability with the wedding supplier of your choice.

For example, the wooden coasters available on the Giftware Direct website are the rage this season! These coasters are lovingly crafted from cherry wood and can be customised with a personal message from the bride and groom.

Free Shipping

6. Choose a supplier offers free shipping

A wedding is an expensive affair.

Every penny saved can be utilised elsewhere. Choosing a wedding supplier who does not charge you for shipping your order will help you save much needed money from your budget. Quite a few popular wedding suppliers provide the option of free shipping depending on the accessibility of your location.


7. Choose a wedding supplier who has something for your pocket

It is very tempting to step over your budget, in order to ensure that the wedding is nothing less than perfect.

Browse through multiple websites to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal for your product. Different suppliers price similar products differently, usually depending on whether they manufacture in house or outsource the production to a 3rd party. Choose a wedding supplier who can provide you with what you want at the cost that you are willing to pay.

Check out our wide range of factory direct wedding supplies and unique collection of personalised products at low factory direct prices, with easy online ordering.

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