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7 Beautiful Engraved Glassware Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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We’re turning the spotlight on the gorgeous line of engraved glassware on our shop that is perfect for gifting to anybody you love. From elegant wine glasses to fancy decanter sets, we’ve got it all just for you.

Engraved Glassware and Personalised Wine Glasses

What makes glassware as the perfect gift idea is its practicality and its simple beauty. It can be used at home or brought to gatherings, parties, and picnics. All these glass products are highly durable and professionally engraved, made to be used and enjoyed for years and years to come.

So if you are looking for the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones, and even for yourself, here are our top picks for engraved glassware and personalised wine glasses from Giftware Direct.


Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Whiskey Glasses

Made of high-quality glass, this engraved whiskey decanter set is the perfect gift for your husband, your father, or even your brother. The set comes with a heavyweight decanter and two matching whiskey glasses. All are professionally laser engraved with a personalised layout which you can easily pick.


Engraved Deluxe Tall 60ml Shot Glasses

These handy little shot glasses are also professionally laser engraved, great to be given as wedding favours or as gifts that can easily be packed or shipped. Our wide range of glassware products includes different sizes of engraved shot glasses at affordable prices.


Premium Bordeaux Wedding Wine Glass

As the name suggests, this premium wine glass can hold up to 600ml and is the perfect gift for wine lovers and oenophiles. You can order a pair this premium Bordeaux wedding wine glass to be given as a gift for the newlyweds or order a set to be given as a token for the bridal party. Get to easily pick a suitable personalised design from our shop and have it delivered in no time.


Double Pilsner Glass Set Boxed

This gorgeous set of engraved pilsner glasses comes in a beautiful black box that is lined to keep the glasses safe and sound. On the cover of the box, you’ll find a wooden plaque that you can also have personalised for that extra touch of uniqueness.<


Engraved Double Wine Glass Personalised Set

A pair of high-quality engraved wine glass set can make the perfect gift for engagement parties, weddings, and anniversaries. They’ll love the personalised touch which makes the gift a worthy keepsake meant to be treasured for a lifetime.


Ultimate Bridesmaid Stemless Wine Glass Pack

Stemless wine glasses are absolutely in trend today and this pack includes two personalised pieces wrapped inside a fancy black box. An engraved wooden plaque ties the ultimate bridesmaid stemless wine glass pack together elegantly. It is the ideal gift not only for bridesmaids but also the perfect gift for the groomsmen as well, parents of the bride and groom, and even for the siblings of the newlyweds.


Engraved 490ml Mason Jar

Simple yet adorable, this engraved mason jar may seem plain compared to the other glassware in the list but it is the most useful. This personalised mason jar can hold up to 490ml and it can be given to your loved ones, no matter their age, gender, or the occasion.

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