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6 Mason Jar Wedding Favour Ideas for Your Guests to Enjoy


Looks like mason jars are a wedding trend that is here to stay and here to stay for good. Decorated mason jars make for the perfect wedding favour because of their durability and flexibility, which allows for a wide range of uses for these convenient glasswares.

As wedding favours, mason jars can be used as containers for anything and everything under the sun. It is eco-friendly since the jar can be used and reused long after the wedding day and guests would love to bring home a piece of the glorious wedding day wrapped inside a handy mason jar.

Here are a couple of fun ideas that you can do to make your mason jar wedding favour even more fun and enjoyable for the guests to bring home.



Fill up personalised mason jars with your favourite scented wax and let the light shine. You can dye the wax to suit your wedding theme colour and add essential oils to match the venue, like coconut scents for a tropical wedding or a floral smell for a luscious garden ceremony.


Succulents and Herbs

Celebrate your love for your new spouse as well as your love for Mother Earth through mason jar favours with green, leafy herbs or adorable succulents. Make sure to plant them at least a week or two before the wedding day and give guests simple care instructions to follow as they take home the lovely greens.


Homemade Preserves and Jam

Feature the local produce or the season’s best fruits through giving guests homemade preserves in a handy mason jar. Your guests will enjoy being able to bring home a slice of the sweet wedding day in the form of a scrumptious fruit jam that they can share with their friends and family long after the big day.


Family Heirloom Recipe

The coveted Grandma’s white macadamia cookie recipe might just steal the show on your wedding day when you wrap it up as wedding favours in mason jars. Stack a couple of pieces inside the jars or better yet have the dry ingredients layered inside the jar for the guests to DIY when they get home - either way, everyone gets to bring home the goods and take home the love from one family to another.


Midnight Munchies

Looking to go dancing all night long? Prep up some handy munchies for the dancing kings and queens, like flavoured popcorn, colourful lollies, or chocolate-covered nuts. They can instantly eat the snacks while partying with the crowd or they can opt to bring home to the goodies plus the mason jar instead.


If all else doesn’t seem to work, giving out personalised mason jars as wedding favours are still great. Guests can use them throughout the cocktails hours up to toasts, as their personal glasses which they can take home right after the dancing ends. Order high-quality personalised mason jar wedding favours from Giftware Direct to take advantage of our affordable prices and easy-to-customise products. Visit us now so we can get started on your personalised wedding favours today!

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