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5 Must See’s for an Enchanting Vintage Wedding

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There is something irresistible about planning a vintage wedding in the countryside.

Maybe it is the small imperfections of the naturally landscaped sun kissed fields or the untouched beauty of the ancient trees flirting with the birds, or maybe it is the thrill of committing to your happily ever after under the blushing pink skies, whatever the reason, a rustic themed, vintage wedding is one that will always fill you with love and warmth every time you visit these memories.

To make your big day even more special we have clubbed together five sensational products which will enrich the country charm of your vintage wedding.

Wooden Save the Dates

Wooden Save the Dates

1. Wooden Save the Dates

Every wedding preparation begins with ensuring your guests keep the wedding date free.

Save the Dates are the first point of contact with your guests and you want to tempt them to come be a part of your big moment. What better way to do this, than to make them feel like pampered royalty?

Giftware Direct has a selection of exotic wooden save the dates that transport you back to the days of the kings and queens, who sent messages to their most esteemed guests which were engraved on handcrafted wooden plaques.

The cherry timber wood used to craft these special save the dates have been tweaked with technology to make them more attractive. The wooden surface is laser engraved with a personalised message and the back is supported with a magnet which makes it easy to display this gorgeous plate.

Printed Wooden Wine Box

Printed Wooden Wine Box

2. Printed Wooden Wine Box

Personalise the vintage appeal of your wedding with the stunning wooden wine box with the name of the bride and groom laser engraved on it.

The wine box is carefully crafted from wood and expertly finished to smoothen out all roughness. It makes a perfect case to house aged wine that a celebration like this deserves.

These gorgeous wine boxes can also be used as wedding favors to show your guests how much their presence at the wedding means to you. The boxes can be laser engraved with the wedding date to make sure everybody remembers the special day for a long time.

Wooden Coasters

3. Wooden Coasters

Another way to reinforce the vintage magic of a rustic wedding is to gift the wedding guests these lovely wooden coasters available on giftware direct.

The lovely coasters are crafted from cherry wood and can be laser engraved with personal details. It is a great way to make your guests think about the wedding and the celebration every time they use the coaster.

Wooden Plaques

Wooden Plaques

4. Wooden Plaques

Wooden plaques simply drill home the vintage theme of a wedding.

The plaques can be used as a part of the decoration on the seating tables. Giftware Direct provides customised wooden name plaques which can by crafted in a decorative font which can bear the name of the bride and the groom. It is a fantastic way to show your guests how proud and happy you are to unite with your partner.

Timber Cake Topper

Timber Cake Topper

Timber Cake Topper

5. Timber Cake Topper (Get this for as low as $10/pc)

There is no place for plastic atop a wedding cake designed for a vintage wedding.

Add some rustic charm by styling your cake with timber cake toppers, which are laser cut to a smooth finish. The cake toppers can be customised into any shape and can be personalised to bear the names of the bride and groom.

Create small but meaningful moments of magic which with these wooden accents which will make your guests remember your wedding forever.

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