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4 Wedding Hacks for Smart Brides

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wooden hacks for smart brides

You don't have to spend a lot just to make your Wedding day memorable.

With your set budget and a little bit of creativity, everything will be perfect.

To help you with your preparation:


1. Make your Checklist

Wedding day preparation is really a challenging task for a lady.

There are too many details too remember and too many things to organise. Before you make that first canvas for your wedding invitation, make sure that you've finished doing your checklist. With all the stuff that you need to complete, you need to have a checklist which will be your guide and constant reminder of the things that you need to prioritise.

DIY Projects

2. Make it a group DIY projects

Call your Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour for a DIY session.

You may start from wedding invitations up to the table venue decoration. There are so many tutorials available in the internet that you girls can start trying. With these projects, you don't just minimise the cost but also enjoy the remaining days of being single with your girlfriends.


3. Canvas Canvas Canvas

It is important to look for different suppliers and compare their prices and add-on features.

For example, for the wedding souvenirs, look for a supplier that is not just affordable but also delivers for free to lessen the hassle of transportation. Always set a standard for quality and price.


4. Remember your Objective

No matter how distracting all these details are, always remember the objective of this event.

Yes, that is to get married to him! It is about you and him starting a new chapter of your lives as one and not impressing the guests. Live the moment and everything will be perfect.

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