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4 Reasons Why Off-Season Weddings are Perfect for Brides on a Budget


For weddings in Australia, the colder months of the year would mean off-season months for weddings and other outdoor events. From June to August, the colder breeze brings in fewer bookings which might actually be a good thing for brides and grooms on a tight wedding budget.

As you start planning your dream wedding, most brides usually envision a clear, sunny day right as they walk down the aisle overlooking the beautiful seashore. However, most of the time the targeted date you might have agreed on for the wedding is either booked in the wedding venue you like or the wedding photographer might not be available for the same day as well. Hotel rooms and caterers might also be fully booked for the rest of the summer season leaving you to reconsider a weekday wedding or moving your wedding date to a different year all together.

Why Off-Season Weddings Might Just Work for You


Off-season weddings may be seldom seen as an unfavourable time to get married, with rainclouds and bridal marches making an awful mix according to age-old superstition. But then with more and more couples getting married each year, off-season weddings are the best alternative to avoid the competition for wedding dates and to also dodge pricey quotes from wedding vendors. 

Especially for engaged couples who get to plan their big day for a couple of months, off-season weddings present a wide variety of options and alternatives without having to pay extremely steep prices like during the peak months of weddings and events. With only a few months left into coordinating vendors and booking suppliers, the off-peak months offer so much more for them in terms of availability and money-saving opportunities.

Read on to find out how to save on wedding expenses during the off-season months and to know why off-peak wedding months are ideal for budget weddings.

Make the season work for you and your wedding plans instead.

Off-season weddings are mainly unpopular because of the weather, it might be too cold for a vineyard wedding and it might be too rainy for a beach wedding. With the colder months here in Australia, it would be better to simply anticipate the unpredictable weather and just embrace what the season has to offer. Make your winter wedding work to your advantage by benefiting from the seasonal produce and blooms that are sure to be affordable at the season’s peak. Include any unforeseeable changes in the weather in your wedding plans so you don’t need to stress out when the weather forecast changes every week leading up to the big day.

Save on off-season destination weddings.

If you are planning on having a wedding in a different state or country, get to save big time on travel expenses. Snag seat sales and airfare promos and let your guests also enjoy a little travelling on a budget through early booking. For local weddings, out of town guests can also save on off-season travelling which means better chances for you to see a dear aunt or a long-lost uni best friend you’ve recently reconnected with.

Book the wedding venue you have always dreamed of.

With the wedding season on hold, venues and resorts can be booked without having to compete with multiple weddings and company events. Outdoor locations will have their calendars wide open for your wedding day, possibly with a promo or off-season rate especially for you. Hotels also have an off-peak season and you’ll definitely feel like you have the place to yourself once there are no other events and seminars held during the same day. With less competition, you get to win big time.

Wedding vendors and suppliers are widely available.

Say goodbye to double bookings and expensive seasonal rates as off-season means you get to book your ultimate favourites. From wedding photographers, wedding videography companies, caterers, and florists, they would be happy to have a wedding to do during the off-season. With wedding expos and fairs usually held during the off-peak season, get to bag best deals and great promos when booking through the said wedding displays.

However, here at Giftware Direct, you don’t need to pick any seasons as we always give the most affordable personalised wedding favours and cheap wedding bombonieres all year round. With our wholesale wedding decorations and easy-to-order custom wedding gifts, you can get your money’s worth no matter what season it is.

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