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3 Budget Reminders for Smart Brides

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There is so much stuff to complete for the wedding day.

This event is really about spending and spending and of course, spending!

Here are some tips that you can use to prevent overspending or unnecessary spending.

Compare Prices

1. Itemise Your Needs

It’s important that you have a checklist of EVERYTHING you need to buy.

This way, you’ll always be reminded of the things that you’ve bought already and the things that you still have to purchase. Rely on the checklist and not to your instinct, you might get tempted with fancy stuff which you already bought anyway.

Wedding Wooden Coasters

2. Always Compare Prices

Don’t stop on the first supplier.

Always have at least 2 options for your suppliers. Have a set of standards which you will consider in buying like price, durability, appearance, taste (for food), and mode of shipment.

Buy in Bulk

3. Buy in Bulk

Well, aside from avoiding the hassle of too many contact persons, it would also be practical if you’d get your wedding items from one supplier.

You won’t just get bigger discounts but they might also give free delivery. That’s already a cut in the budget and a relief from hassle in one package! Just make sure to set a safe timeline to avoid unwanted delays.

Those are the tips that might be helpful for smart brides like you. Remember that there are so many ways on how you can cut your budget, it’s just a matter of time and money management. Happy shopping!

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