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Be it big or small, weddings are celebrations that are meant to be cherished forever hence wedding favours are given out to those who are present to allow guests to bring home a slice of the good times. From the unforgettable ceremony to the funfilled reception, the wedding day is forever immortalised in wedding favours that the couple themselves pick and design. Through these wedding favours, the memories of the big day live on and the invited family and friends also get to feel that they are loved and appreciated after witnessing such a momentous occasion.

For any kind of wedding favours, wedding favour tags are a must-have. It adds a simple touch of elegance while also making sure that the wedding day’s details are visible as well. Tags are easy to add for any kind of favour, whether they are printed onto the gift itself, attached through a sticker or even tied with a fancy string. The favour tags can bear anything and everything, be it the couple’s names, the wedding dates, a short quote, or even a wedding logo or monogram. These add a specific layer of personalisation to any kind of wedding favour and at the same time, they can also be used to add a short inscription to transform the favour into a heartfelt gift from the couple’s own hearts.

Gift tags come in a variety of styles, from paper to plastic and everything in between. Choose a unique gift tag for a memorable touch. Our range of wedding gift tags are designed for a unique touch, something your guests will be amazed by. Wooden wedding gift tags are amongst our most popular style, professionally laser cut from beautiful cherry veneer timber, supplied with jute string for a rustic, vintage feel that is truly unbeatable. 

To start creating the perfect wedding favour tags and personalised wedding favours for your big day, visit Giftware Direct today and get to choose among dozens of wedding favour tag ideas and wedding favour ideas available.